Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Philadelphia Film Festival: Day 7

I’ve got a short post today with just one sub-par film from the festival. 

Cold Weather                        Grade:  C-
A lost man stumbles through life, obsessing over Sherlock Holmes, and reconnecting with his sister and ex-girlfriend.   But when his ex goes missing, he tries his hand at sleuthing to find her.  This film takes WAY too long to get to the heart of the story.  And once there, it never reaches its potential.  It’s not terrible, but even the ending is abrupt and unsatisfying.  I love a good mystery, especially a modern day Sherlock Holmes tale.  Unfortunately this is not it.

Check back tomorrow when I post my review of 'Hereafter', and I provide another summary at a glance of what to see and what to skip in theaters now.

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  1. Loved your latest posting, Bri! Sorry I have been out of touch, and missed your Orlando TV work! I know David needs to get the copies up to you, so you can post them on your blog... I am so keyed up that you've been on the FOX morning show in Orlando for 3 weeks now!!!! I am your biggest fan, even though I have not been on the blog every day.. but I've read all your stuff to date. I am caught up, and I must say, just as impressed with you as ever. YOU ROCK. You are truly Fliederific. LOVE YOUR BLOG! --Nina