Monday, October 25, 2010

Philadelphia Film Festival: Final Thoughts

Well, it’s been a fun and exhausting 11 days.  I’ve seen some amazing films and some truly terrible ones.  And even though I’m exhausted now, in two weeks I’ll miss it and wish the festival was back on again.  Thank you Andrew Greenblatt, Jared Miller, and all the folks at the Philadelphia Film Society for putting on a fun 11 days.  (Too bad the Phillies in the playoffs killed attendance.)  I enjoyed myself as always and will forgive you all for programming some terrible films if you’ll forgive me for trashing them.
By the way, everyone in the Philly area should consider becoming a member of the Philadelphia Film Society at  Your membership gets you year-round free advance screenings for two to lots of big, upcoming films, as well as tickets and passes to next year’s film festival.  The membership pays for itself after just attending a few of the free advance screenings.  It’s the best deal in town.  Alright, enough plugs for the PFS.  Below is a quick summary of the films I saw and my grades:
Unbreakable (10th Anniversary)                   Grade:  A+

Make Believe                                                 Grade:  A+

Black Swan                                                     Grade:

127 Hours                                                       Grade:

Trust                                                               Grade:

Every Day                                                       Grade:

Life 2.0                                                            Grade:  A-

Welcome to the Rileys                                  Grade:  B+

Hesher                                                            Grade:  B+

Richard Garriott:  Man on a Mission           Grade:

Do It Again                                                     Grade:  B-

Red Hill                                                           Grade:  B-

Cafe                                                                 Grade:  C+

The Best and the Brightest                           Grade:  C+

Happy Poet                                                    Grade:  C-

Cold Weather                                                 Grade:  C-

Fair Game                                                       Grade:  C-

Kings of Pastry                                               Grade:

Outcast                                                           Grade:

High School                                                    Grade:

Lebanon, PA                                                   Grade:

Tiny Furniture                                                Grade:
Alrighty then.  Keep checking back for my upcoming review on ‘Paranormal Activity 2’.  Oh, and I will hopefully be posting my 2nd FOX News Orlando appearance later in the week.  Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to review on FOX this Friday!?!

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