Thursday, October 14, 2010


OK I’m gonna keep this review brief since this movie, opening tomorrow, already took two hours of my life.  It’s not very good.  And that’s a real shame because it has SUCH a great cast.  (Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Richard Dreyfuss, and Mary Louise Parker … I mean, come on!  How do you screw that up?)
Based on a comic book, this action comedy is about a bunch of ex-CIA operatives (referred to as ‘Retired and Extra Dangerous’, or ‘RED’) getting back together to avoid being killed from an assassin.  Sounds great, right?  Well, there are a few good gags and some interesting action scenes and special effects, but not many, and certainly not enough.   Mainly it’s just boring, and half-way through I was looking at my watch waiting for it to end.  It’s disappointing and a waste of good talent.
Now don’t get me wrong, some people will like this film.  If you liked ‘Jonah Hex’ and ‘Prince of Persia’ this one could be for you.  I didn’t, and it’s not for me.   (A lot of people in the theater with me were cheering and laughing at times, but I’m going to assume they were just really happy to be out of the house.)
And I must say, as a huge Bruce Willis fan, between this disappointment, the even-worse ‘Cop Out’, and his cameo in the ultra-terrible ‘Expendables’, what gives?  2010 is clearly not the year of Bruce Willis.  And we won’t even talk about ‘Surrogates’ from late last year.  Bruce needs to team up again with M Night so they can both dig themselves out of the holes they’re in.  Let’s go Unbreakable 2!
Grade:  C

Keep checking in over the weekend because my next post will be my first ‘State of the Blog’ post where I announce some big news.  And then over the next 10 days I’ll be covering what to see and what to skip at the Philadelphia Film Festival.  Stay tuned…

UPDATE 7/13/13:  Every once in a while a blow it.  And I blew it with 'Red'.  I just rewatched it in preparation for the sequel and enjoyed it much more the second time.  It's enjoyable light entertainment with a tremendous cast.  What can I say?  I must have been sleepy.



  1. Brian, not only have I enjoyed reading every single blog posting since the very inception of your blog, about 2 weeks ago... but I've also enjoyed passing around the link to your blog to friends and family. We all love it. They all enjoy your brilliant writing as I do! You are supremely entertaining, both in person, and in writing... which I part of the reason I almost always trust your reviews and your take on what you deem to be entertaining movie-watching. Please have a great time on the morning FOX program tomorrow!!!! You are jumping across the boundaries of media, from online blog to broadcast TV news in a top 20 US market. Look at you, Fliederific! We love you. And so will Orlando morning news viewers tomorrow!!!!

  2. Now get a good night's sleep, and thanks for the fun review (too bad it sucked) of the film RED. Sucks, too - I was really rooting for that one to be good. (Like you said - killer cast! How'd they mess that one up?). Oh, and sorry for my typo in my last comment. Love, Nina