Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I’ve been looking forward to this one, now available on DVD and Blue-Ray,  since I read about it in the Sundance guide in January.  It's about two guys and a girl who accidentally get stuck on a ski lift overnight.  It's a very simple concept, and probably a nightmare that has run through every skier's mind at least once. 

I like movies that explore a simple concept in primarily one setting.  (e.g.  ‘Buried’ and ‘127 Hours’, both of which I reviewed in my Toronto FIlm Fest posting).  They make you think, what would you do in this situation?  And I’m also a sucker for films programmed at the Sundance and Toronto festivals.  I always figure, if they don’t feature celebrities they must have been programmed because they’re great, right?  Well, not so much.  In fact, Sundance had a lot of terrible films this year.
I’m not sure exactly what I was hoping for, but this film didn’t really deliver anything unexpected.  The three characters pretty much do everything you’d think they would, but that’s it.  It just wasn’t very interesting to watch.  And if you only have a few characters on screen for most of the movie, they better be really engaging (e.g. Ryan Reynolds or James Franco in the aforementioned films.)  But unfortunately this cast is average at best.  And so is this film.
Grade:  C-

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