Thursday, November 11, 2010

Morning Glory

Rachel McAdams stars as a TV news producer at a small morning show who has big aspirations.  Specifically she wants to produce ‘The Today Show’.  Well, when she gets let go at her current position, she doesn’t quite make it to NBC, but instead lands a job at the network ‘IBS’ at a struggling morning show called ‘Daybreak’, courtesy of new boss Jeff Goldblum.  The thing is, she has limited time to turn the show around and get the ratings up.  And that depends on her success in getting odd couple anchors Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton to play nice.  Unfortunately, hilarity doesn’t really ensue.  McAdams is SUPER perky and SUPER high strung.  Keaton is Keaton.  And Ford is cranky, jaded, and unlikeable.  There are some laughs towards the end, as McAdams gets more and more desperate, but the movie never really reaches its potential.  The ensemble cast is enjoyable enough to make this a decent date movie, but it really lacks substance.  Perhaps I’m being harsh, but I’m giving this a …
Grade:  B-


  1. I still wish I could be Rachel McAdams friend even if it's only a B-.

  2. hey my mom rely likes your blog i love your movies

    thank you love Cameron

  3. Thanks Cameron! Keep those comments coming!