Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best Films of 2010

Well, the year is pretty much over and it’s time to look back and reflect upon the over 200 movies I’ve seen released in 2010.  Below are my top 26 film picks of the year. 

Why 26?  I just couldn't leave out 'The King's Speech' since it will undoubtedly win a slew of Academy Awards this year, probably including Best Picture, Best Actor for Colin Firth, and Best Supporting Actor for Geoffrey Rush.  But for me, it was the 26th best film of the year.  (Out of over 200, mind you.)  But I must admit, Geoffrey Rush is quite good in it.

Also, please note that I am using the 'Oscar' rule to determine what qualifies as a 2010 release.  I am therefore excluding films that I saw at film festivals that have not yet had a theatrical release, as they will be considered 2011 films.  That excludes Make Believe, The Way, Beginners, Trust, and Super from my list.  But be sure to look for those great films in 2011.  However, 'Barney's Version' and 'Casino Jack' are included below because they were released in Los Angeles prior to year end, thus making them Oscar eligible.  A bit ridiculous, I know.

OK, without further ado, below are my Top 26 of 2010.  I look forward to your comments.

1)   The Social Network      (Available on DVD on 1/11)

2)   Kick Ass                       (Now available on DVD)

3)   Get Low                        (Available on DVD on 2/22)

4)   City Island                    (Now available on DVD)

5)   Please Give                  (Now available on DVD)

6)   Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part 1         (In Theaters Now)

7)   It’s Kind of a Funny Story          (Available on DVD on 2/8)

8)   The Greatest                (Now available on DVD)

9)   127 Hours                     (In Theaters Now)

10)  Black Swan                  (In Theaters Now)

11)  Barney's Version        (Limited release in theaters now)

12)  Buried                          (Available on DVD on 1/18)

13)  Never Let Me Go       (Available on DVD on 2/1)

14)  Heartbreaker (L’Arnacoeur)           (Available on DVD on 1/11)

15)  Against the Current    (Now available on DVD)

16)  Inception                     (Now available on DVD)

17)  Blue Valentine            (Limited release in theaters now)

18)  Winter’s Bone            (Now available on DVD)

19)  The Fighter                 (In Theaters Now)

20)  Daybreakers              (Now available on DVD)

21)  Casino Jack                (Limited release in theaters now)

22)  Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work         (Now available on DVD)

23)  The Art of the Steal    (Now available on DVD)

24)  The Kids are All Right         (Now available on DVD)

25)  Toy Story 3                 (Now available on DVD)

26)  The King’s Speech      (In Theaters Now)

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  1. Hey Brian I just added about 10 of your top 26 to my netflix list - most of them are available on dvd now but the social network has a long wait time - thanks for the sugestions.