Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Now Available On DVD

Looking to head to the video store, but don’t know what to see?  (Does anyone still go to video stores?)  Well, here are my grades at a glance for some recent releases:
Kick Ass                                   Grade: A+

City Island                              Grade: A+
Please Give                             Grade: A+

The Greatest                          Grade: A

I Knew it Was You:  Rediscovering John Cazale      Grade: A

Against the Current              Grade: A-

The Secret in their Eyes        Grade: A-

Winter’s Bone                        Grade: A-

Inception                                Grade: A-

Toy Story 3                             Grade: A-

The Kids are All Right            Grade: A-

The Art of the Steal               Grade: A-
Centurion                                Grade: B+
I’m Still Here                           Grade: B+

The Disappearance of Alice Creed     Grade: B+

Going the Distance                Grade: B+

High Rollers                            Grade: B

Leaves of Grass                      Grade: B

Knight and Day                      Grade: B

Sorcerer’s Apprentice           Grade: B

How to Train Your Dragon   Grade: B

Disney's A Christmas Carol    Grade: C+

Eat Pray Love                         Grade: C

Splice                                      Grade: C-

Frozen                                     Grade: C-

The Killer Inside Me               Grade: D

The Extra Man                        Grade: D

The Expendables                    Grade: D

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World  Grade: F

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