Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The American

George Clooney stars as an American assassin in Sweden and Italy in this suspense thriller.  And that’s about all I can say about this one.  No, not because I don’t want to spoil the plot, but because it virtually has none.  I’m really not sure what just happened for the last hour and 45 minutes.  I had heard this film was slow, so I readied my expectations, but it is SSLLOOOOWW.  And I really don’t mind slow paced films, as long as they eventually lead somewhere (unlike 'Somewhere').  But no, this one doesn't. 

The cinematography was beautiful.  And Clooney’s always very watchable.  But those two positives just don’t make up for the lack of storyline.  Up until now, Director Anton Corbijn’s directorial career has been music video documentaries.  I think he’s got a bit to learn about narrative storytelling.  And Rowan Joffe, the writer, hasn’t written anything noteworthy except for the sequel to ‘28 Days Later’.  Clooney took a gamble on this one and lost.  I say skip it, but some critics actually liked it.  Am I wrong on this one?
Grade:  D

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