Friday, January 14, 2011

The Green Hornet

Well, it's official, pigs have grown wings and hell hath frozen over because Seth Rogan is the latest masked hero fighting crime in this 'summer blockbuster'-type film based on a comic book.  Apparently the idea for this film has been floating around for at least 15 years, and the list of actors considering the role included George Clooney, Greg Kinnear, Mark Wahlberg, and Jake Gyllenhaal.  And then they settled on ... Seth Rogan?  I'm not alone in thinking that's an odd choice.  In fact, there's been kind of an uproar about it ever since it was announced.  The chubby, goofy guy from 'Knocked Up' is gonna be a super hero?  Well, I was skeptical to say the least, but I can admit when I'm wrong.  He's actually pretty good in this role (and he lost weight and is significantly less goofy.)  Actually, I now think it was a wiser choice to cast someone unlikely like Rogan rather than someone you might expect to play a comic book hero.  That gave the movie a different feel.

OK so the lead is good, but what about the rest of the cast?  Well, Rogan's unbelievably talented sidekick Kato is played by Jay Chou, in the role portrayed by Bruce Lee in the 60's television show.  I wasn't familiar with Chou, but apparently he's huge in Asia.  He's your typical martial arts expert who's a bit lacking on personality.  They went a little too safe there for my taste.

And the supporting cast includes the always amazing Tom Wilkinson, the ubiquitous James Franco, the menacing Christoph Waltz (fresh off his Oscar win for 'Inglourious Basterds'), and the uber-perky Cameron Diaz.  That's a pretty strong supporting cast.

So we were off to a good start, and the first half was actually a very fresh and satisfying character driven film.  But like a lot of comic book films (e.g. 'Iron Man 2'), it devolves into way too many way-too-long action sequences in the second half and it became a snoozefest.  At least for me.  But some folks love the action.

Grade for First Half:  B+
Grade for Second Half:  C+
Average Grade:  B

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  1. That's classic Fliederific - first half B+, second half C+, law of averages = solid B. Classic! On a totally different tangent - Why the heck is Inglourious Basterds spelled like that? Just can't stand Quentin Tarantino.