Friday, January 14, 2011

In Theaters Now

Looking to head to the theater this weekend, but don’t know what to see?  Here are my grades at a glance:
127 Hours                            Grade: A   (#5/38 of my Toronto Film Festival blog)
Black Swan                         Grade: A   (#7/38 of my Toronto Film Fest blog)
Blue Valentine                 Grade: A-
The Fighter                         Grade: A-
Casino Jack                         Grade: A-  (#10/38 of my Toronto Film Fest blog)
The King’s Speech           Grade: B+  (#11/38 of my Toronto Film Fest blog)
Little Fockers                     Grade: B+

Rabbit Hole
                        Grade: B+
Country Strong                 Grade: B+
Love and Other Drugs    Grade: B+  
Inside Job                           Grade: B   (#21/38 of my Toronto Film Festival blog)
I Love You Phillip Morris   Grade: B
The Tourist                         Grade: B
Megamind                          Grade: B
The Green Hornet              Grade: B

True Grit                              Grade: B-
Made in Dagenham           Grade: B-
Burlesque                           Grade: B-
Due Date                             Grade: B- 
Morning Glory                  Grade: B-
Fair Game                           Grade: C-
Unstoppable                     Grade: C-
How Do You Know          Grade: C-

The Dilemma                    Grade: C-
All Good Things                Grade: C-
Season of the Witch        Grade: D

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