Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Based on a true story, a group of underwater cave divers explore the largest unexplored cave system.  I won't mince words on this one.  It's a terrible bore.  The cast is pretty much unrecognizable, the characters aren't interesting in the least, and it's completely predictable and dull.  And even though I hate that every other movie released is now in 3D, sadly that was about the best thing going for this film.

As the movie poster clearly points out, James Cameron was the executive producer.  And I know Cameron has a thing for exploring the unexplored, but this film doesn't hold a candle to 'The Abyss' or 'Aliens'.  And even though I wasn't a huge fan of 'Avatar', that was light years better than this one.  So, I'm afraid the self described 'King of the World' should probably be dethroned for this bore.

For a better, scarier film about spelunking, check out 'The Descent', about a group of women exploring caves who happen upon the unexpected.

Grade:  D

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