Friday, March 18, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer

Matthew McConaughey stars as The Lincoln Lawyer.  No, this movie has nothing to do with Abraham Lincoln.  (Which is confusing because of the upcoming film called 'The Conspirator' which is about a lawyer defending a possible conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.)  This film is about a sleazy, do-anything-for-a-buck defense attorney who is chauffered around town in a Lincoln town car.  And he hits payday when a rich mother hires him to defend her son, played by Ryan Phillipe, who has been accused of the brutal beating of a prostitute.  The supporting cast includes Marisa Tomei, William H. Macy, Josh Lucas, John Leguizamo, Bryan Cranston, and Trace Adkins.

I must admit I love a good legal thriller, including all the great film adaptations of John Grisham novels.  (In fact, McConaughey starred as a lawyer in one of the best of them, 'A Time To Kill'.)  So I was a bit biased even before it began.  But biased or not, I still think it's a decent film.  It's not nearly as good as legal thrillers like 'A Time To Kill', 'The Client', or 'Michael Clayton', but it's entertaining enough to recommend for the weekend.  (Sorry ladies, McConaughey doesn't do his trademark move and take his shirt off.  Speaking of which, has anyone heard Matt Damon do his McConaughey impression on Letterman?  Classic.)

Grade: B

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  1. To answer your question - YES! I love that Matt Damon clip - absolutely hilarious. How rare for me to actually get a pop culture reference from you, Bri? Youtube's all over the Matt Damon imitating McConaughey stuff. I love when actors impersonate each other. McConaughey's an oddball to me. Don't know if I'd see this one. I only liked him in Contact really. Though he was okay opposite Pacino and Russo in that one flick... my memory fails me. To this day, I think Gabriel Byrne and Kevin Spacey do my all-time favorite impersonations. And the title on this film? Yeah - confusing.