Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 First Quarter

Well, we're already a quarter of the way through 2011, and it hasn't been a great three months for films.  In fact, I haven't given out an A yet.  (Although 'Limitless' is close and maybe it deserved an A-.)  Below is a summary of my grades for the year so far:
Limitless                              Grade: B+
Hall Pass                              Grade: B+

Source Code                       Grade: B+
No Strings Attached          Grade: B
Battle: Los Angeles            Grade: B

The Green Hornet             Grade: B
Unknown                           Grade: B

Win Win                             Grade: B
Kill the Irishman                Grade: B
The Adjustment Bureau   Grade: B

The Lincoln Lawyer           Grade: B

Insidious                            Grade: B

Drive Angry                       Grade: B-

Cedar Rapids                     Grade: B-

Jane Eyre                          Grade: B-
Rango                                 Grade: B-

The Mechanic                   Grade: C+

Just Go WIth It                  Grade: C

The Dilemma                     Grade: C
Paul                                    Grade: C
Hop                                     Grade: C
Take Me Home Tonight    Grade: C

Season of the Witch         Grade: C-
Red Riding Hood              Grade: C-
Sucker Punch                    Grade: C-
Sanctum                            Grade: D
I Am Number Four           Grade: D
The Rite                            Grade: F

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