Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Exporting Raymond

We've all seen 'Everybody Loves Raymond', the Ray Romano led sitcom that ran for nine seasons and ended in 2005.  And, while not everybody loved it as much as the title indicated, it certainly had a very successful run and a huge fan base.  And since Hollywood executives never miss an opportunity to dig up the dead, an idea was presented to 'Raymond' creator, writer, and executive producer Phil Rosenthal.  Why not re-tool it to run in Russia?  They can even use the same scripts and just make minor tweaks as needed.  After all, Russians and Americans have the same sense of humor, don't they?  Well no, but apparently it worked for 'The Nanny' and 'Married with Children' which have apparently been very successful over there.  So it should be a piece of cake, right?  Well, unfortunately it wasn't quite that simple, but fortunately Rosenthal had the foresight to get the whole adventure on video and bring us this entertaining documentary.  If you thought Romano and clan were funny, you should check out Rosenthal.  He's the comic mastermind behind that show, and can make you laugh simply by a subtle look on his very expressive face.  And lucky for you Philly folks, Rosenthal is scheduled to be in attendance at the upcoming Philadelphia Cinefest on Thursday April 7 at 6:30 PM, or catch a second showing on Saturday April 9 at 12:15 PM.  A link is below.  It's a good movie, and Rosenthal's Q&A makes it a great experience.  Don't miss it.


Grade: B

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  1. Clever concept! Love this type of thing! The Greatest Movie Ever Sold is another documentary you've definitely got me interested in seeing. Hope Rosenthal was awesome at the Cinefest!