Friday, April 1, 2011

Win Win

Paul Giamatti stars as a down on his luck lawyer, family man, and high school wrestling coach.  His law practice is barely keeping him afloat and he's concerned about how he's going to make ends meet.  So he decides to become the guardian for one of his older, well-off clients who's in the first stage of dementia.  But that arrangement comes with some unexpected baggage.  Amy Ryan, Burt Young, Bobby Cannavale and Jeffrey Tambor co-star.  (And between this and 'Paul' that makes two Jeffrey Tambor films in two days for me.  Hey now!)

This film just premiered at Sundance in January.  And it is just so Sundance.  It was written and directed by Tom McCarthy, a triple threat as an accomplished actor ('Meet the Parents'), writer ('Up'), and director ('The Visitor' and 'The Station Agent').  So his track record is pretty solid.  And anyone who knows me or regularly reads this blog knows that Paul Giamatti is my current favorite actor.  So my expectations were pretty high for this film.  Maybe too high.  It really has all the ingredients to be the perfect indie dramedy.  Well, unfortunately it isn't, and felt a little forced to me.  I really wanted it to be an A, but it's just not.  It's still pretty good, mind you, and Giamatti remains my favorite actor, but it's just not a total win.

Grade: B

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  1. Huh! No kiddin' - still, a solid B. And Giamatti is the man. Potentially one we will have to see...