Friday, May 20, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Jack Sparrow is back!  I didn't think it would happen, but Johnny Depp reprises his role yet again as that lovable flamboyant pirate and this time he's out to find the Fountain of Youth.  Along for the quest is Geoffrey Rush returning as Barbossa, and a new cast of characters including Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane.  Unfortunately I didn't feel like Rush was given as interesting a part as he had in the first and third films, and that's a real shame because he can really bring it if the part is there.  I always find Cruz annoying, however she didn't ruin the experience for me.  But McShane fits right in to a film like this.

The fourth installment has a new feel to it than the original trilogy.  This one struck me as more of an Indiana Jones type adventure film.  And Jack Sparrow meets Indiana Jones makes for a pretty fun combination.  But, not surprisingly, this one is not as good as the original trilogy.  It doesn't have nearly as much of an intricate plotline, and the action sequences are too frequent and not quite as interesting as the prior films.  Since the writers are the same, I have to place some blame on the new director, Rob Marshall, who replaced Gore Verbinski.  Marshall is most famous for film musicals like 'Chicago' and 'Nine', so why didn't he use that experience to make this film a bit more musical?  I think that would have complimented the levity of the series.  Nevertheless, it's fun and, like Indiana Jones, I'd rather have an inferior sequel than not ever get to see the character again.  (Yes, I actually enjoyed the fourth Indiana Jones movie.  There, I said it!)  In fact, I wouldn't mind having many more Pirates sequels to come.  And fortunately, I suspect I'll get my wish a few times more.  Shiver me timbers, matey!

Grade: B+

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  1. Number 5 really needs to introduce The Dread Pirate Roberts. I'd go see that.