Friday, June 10, 2011

Beautiful Boy

Not far after last winter's 'Rabbit Hole' comes yet another morbid tale of parents mourning the death of their child.  This one stars Maria Bello and Michael Sheen and has a new twist.  Not only has their teenage son killed himself, but he did so after opening fire on his classmates and teachers at college.  Now his parents have to come to terms with the death of their son and the tragedy he caused.  Why did it happen?  And who is to blame?

These kinds of emotional dramas aren't for everyone, but if you read my blog you know I'm fond of the genre.  Similar to other great recent films of a similar theme, like 'The Greatest' and 'Rabbit Hole', you don't have to have gone through the same situation to feel what the characters are going through.  And that is largely due to great performances by Bello and Sheen.  Actually, Sheen is great in everything I've seen him in, most notably as David Frost in 'Frost/Nixon' and portraying former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in three separate films.  And Bello also does emotional drama very well, as she did memorably in 'A History of Violence'.

This film is powerful, thought provoking, and touching.  If you can appreciate emotional family dramas, don't miss it.

Grade: A-


  1. This sounds similar to a movie that came out/is coming out (I'm not sure) We Need To Talk About Kevin which is a book I read recently. Heavy heavy stuff. Sometimes you just need a movie (or a book) to knock you out.

    Are you going to see We Need To Talk About Kevin?

  2. The movie comes out in October in the UK. So far it doesn't have distribution in the US, but hopefully soon

  3. You couldn't pay me enough to go see this. Not with that story line. Beautifully written review though.