Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blank City

This is a documentary about the renaissance of filmmaking that took place in downtown Manhattan in the late 1970's and early 1980's.  And it's unbelievable what a completely different place that was then than it is now.  In short, filthy and dangerous.  Yet it was the right place at the right time for poor, artistic filmmakers who wanted to make films with no money and have venues to showcase them.  And to me, that sounds fascinating.  Unfortunately, this movie is anything but.  It was a dreadful bore.  I wasn't familiar with most of the talking heads, and the few I was familiar with, including Steve Buscemi, Jim Jarmusch, John Waters, and Debbie Harry really didn't have anything interesting to say.  Sadly, I was bored to tears.  In fact, I left before it ended, which I almost never do, despite the fact that the director was there for a Q&A afterward.  I know you wouldn't have heard of this movie or seen it anyway, but in case you happen to run across it, don't waste your time.

Grade: D-

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