Friday, June 17, 2011

Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds gets recruited to be an intergalactic superhero in the latest comic book franchise based on the DC comic.  This one is pretty different than the other hundred or so comic book films we've already seen this summer.  (At least it feels like a hundred.)  It's definitely darker than the rest.  And it's pretty crazy with an overwhelming amount of exposition.  I knew nothing about the film going in and I was lost in the first five minutes trying to absorb the backstory, but I picked it up as it went along.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the film.  On one hand, I respect that it's different than the rest of the pack.  But on the other hand it's kind of a crazy mess.  Reynolds is usually a solid lead, with his trademark wit and sarcasm, but he doesn't really shine in this film and I think it's because he wasn't really given anything interesting to say.  And even though Blake Lively is ridiculously good looking, she just doesn't belong in a serious film.  (If her performance in 'The Town' didn't prove that, this film definitely does.)  She clearly tries hard to be taken seriously, and I do respect that, but she really belongs in romantic comedies and lighter fare.  Many of the scenes with Reynolds and Lively where they deliver serious, dramatic speeches are laughable.  And the other top talent, including Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard, and Geoffrey Rush, really don't bring anything to the table. 

A film like this should be really fun, but a lot of it just wasn't.  But again, at least it's different and unlike many comic book films that fall apart at the end, this one actually gets better as it goes along.  So go ahead and see it if you really want to, but there are lots of better options in theaters now so I can't recommend it.

Oh, and because you know you want to ask ... Green Lantern or Green Hornet?  Green Hornet.

Grade: C 

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