Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Page One: Inside the New York Times

This documentary about the New York Times focuses on the growing difficulties of print media now that we all get our news instantly and for free on the internet.  And as demand for newspapers declines, so does advertising revenue.  Will newspapers, and specifically the New York Times, survive the ever changing advancements of technology?  It's a pretty interesting topic, and a look inside the inner workings of the New York Times should be fascinating.  But unfortunately it really isn't.  It's really just a bunch of old dogs complaining because they don't want to learn new tricks.  Well guess what?  You have to if you want to survive in this world, in any industry.  Nothing stays the same for long.  So suck it up and embrace the future.  I do, and that's why I'm now on twitter @FliederonFilm!  Just press the button on the right hand side to become a follower!  (Shameless plug, I know.) 

But seriously, I am glad I got a peek behind the scenes at arguably the most important newspaper in the world before it all goes away, or at the very least changes significantly.  But if you'd rather see a more entertaining newspaper themed narrative, you're better off with 'All the Presidents Men', 'The Front Page', 'Deadline U.S.A.' or even 'The Paper'.  Extra, Extra, read all about it!
Grade: C

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  1. Good. I'm glad you gave it a C. The New York Times is a rag. I'm not bitter - I swear. (haha)