Friday, July 15, 2011

Winnie the Pooh

OK so I know all my loyal readers are about as excited to read my review of this movie as much as I was excited to wake up early on a Saturday morning to see it.  So I'll keep it brief.  Even though kids' movies aren't my bag I actually wanted to like this one for several reasons.  One, these are the kind of innocent Disney films I grew up with.  It's sweet and doesn't try to be funny with ridiculous situations (a la 'Zookeeper').  And two, surprisingly, they didn't try to update these classic characters to make them flashier, slicker or sillier like they do with most classics to make them appreciable to the ADHD kids of today who are used to fast editing and non-stop action.  It's hand drawn and looks and sounds exactly the way we remembered these characters to look and sound like from the 60's and 70's.  Yet, I have to admit that as an adult I was bored and it was a struggle to stay awake, and even though the running time is only 62 minutes it felt quite long.  So, I'm going to split my grade based on demographic.  I think young children will probably enjoy it and should see it if only to appreciate what their parents grew up watching.  And meanwhile, parents can enjoy some air conditioning during the hot summer, and steal a well deserved nap.

Grade for ages 7 and under:  B
Grade for ages 8 and up:  D

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  1. We better take Cameron and Sabrina to see this before September when he turns 8!!! :-p