Sunday, August 28, 2011


It's never a good sign when there aren't any advance screenings of a film for the press.  It certainly says to me that the studio doesn't think it's very good and doesn't want the press to see the film ahead of time and write poor reviews and kill the opening weekend gross.  And now that I've seen this revenge action thriller, I can totally understand and agree with their strategy.

Zoe Saldana (from 'Avatar' and 'Star Trek') plays a woman who witnessed her parents killed by South American baddies when she was a child.  And so she devotes her life to training to be an assassin to get her revenge.  Haven't we seen that before?  It certainly brings to mind 'Hanna' which came out earlier this year, as well as 'Point of No Return', 'La Femme Nikita', and 'The Professional'.  Total coincidence?  Nope.  It was written by Luc Besson, who wrote the latter three, as well as 'Taken'.  Talk about a rut!  I loved 'The Professional' and 'Point of No Return' but it's time to move on, Luc.

Frankly, I'm pretty shocked this film had a theatrical release.  It has 'straight to DVD' written all over it, with the only two recognizable names and faces being Saldana and 'Alias' Michael Vartan.  To some, this will be an enjoyable guilty pleasure.  (The audience I saw it with certainly cheered more than anyone should have.)  But to me, it really wasn't pleasurable at all.  I knew exactly where it was going and just wanted it to get there quicker.

Grade: D

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