Saturday, August 6, 2011

Point Blank

'Point Blank' is a fast paced subtitled French action thriller that takes off like a rocket and barely ever lets up.  A male nurse's aide accidentally gets mixed up with the target of a hit, and when the wrong people find out they kidnap his pregnant wife in order to get him to do as they say.  We've seen similar themed films to this before (e.g.  Gene Hackman and Matt Dillon in 'Target' (1985), Harrison Ford in Roman Polanski's 'Frantic' (1988), Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken in 'Nick of Time' (1995), and Pierce Brosnan and Maria Bello in 'Shattered' (2007)), but this one is pretty polished with non-stop action that's actually exciting, and a lot of shifty characters and twists, keeping you in the dark for most of the movie.  Too many of the 'who's good and who's bad' twists can be a bad thing, but this film is just shy of crossing that line.  It's really a well made movie making me wonder why Americans can't hardly ever make a good action thriller?  I can only postulate it's that American studios spend way too much money on their films and therefore can't afford to take any creative chances.  This one only cost $16M according to IMDB.  Take note, Hollywood studio executives.  Less is more.

Grade: B+ 

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