Friday, August 5, 2011


Terri is a special kid who could use a friend.  He's overweight, a loner, and lives with his odd, sickly uncle (played by 'The Office's Creed Bratton).  So when the school vice principal, played by John C. Reilly, takes an interest in him, an unlikely and welcome friendship occurs.  Don't worry, it's indie not sappy.  It premiered at Sundance and it's so very Sundance. 

Based on the poster, indie movie buffs will undoubtedly think the same thing I did:  Gosh, this looks an awful lot like 'Cyrus'!  Not to worry, it's significantly different.  And while I really liked 'Cyrus', as a fan of the 'mumblecore' movement, I found this one to have more substance and Reilly really hits a home run with his performance.  In his career, he's certainly had many early highs ('Hard Eight', 'Magnolia', and 'Chicago' to name a few) followed by some embarrassing lows (pretty much every time he collaborates with Will Ferrell), so I'm glad to see he's returning to his roots with indie films like 'Cyrus', 'Cedar Rapids', and now this one.  I actually think this is arguably his best performance to date and certainly one of the more interesting I've seen this year.  And it was also great to see Bratton stretch from his one-note (albeit consistently funny performance) on 'The Office'.  Both were the perfect casting choices here.  I only wish the movie were a bit longer (and I rarely say that) so that they could have taken all the characters a little but further than they did.  Unfortunately it's not completely satisfying, but it's much better than a lot of what I've seen this year.

If you like the off-beat, dark comedies like 'Little Miss Sunshine' then this one is definitely worth your time.

Grade: B+

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  1. Glad you finally saw this film, I liked it alot as well. It just missed out on getting the Jury Prize for Best Feature Film at Cinefest. Enjoyed all the acting performances, especially the 3 kids. The scene when the 3 of them were getting drunk was well done