Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 Third Quarter

Well, we're three quarters through the year and it's been a busy three months with a lot of releases.  Overall I'd say it was easily better then the first but perhaps not as good as the second.  Below is a summary of my grades for theatrically released films in the third quarter.

(Note that I've tweaked a few grades since my initial review.)

(Movies released this week are in green)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II           Grade: A+

Moneyball                           Grade: A

Crazy Stupid Love               Grade: A-

Contagion                            Grade: A-

The Help                              Grade: A-

Friends with Benefits          Grade: A-

50/50                                    Grade: A-

The Guard                           Grade: A-

The Debt                             Frade: B+

Terri                                    Grade: B+

One Day                              Grade: B+

The Music Never Stopped    Grade: B+

Sarah's Key                         Grade: B+

The Whistleblower            Grade: B+

What's Your Number?       Grade: B+

Point Blank                        Grade: B+

The Future                         Grade: B

Rise of the Planet of the Apes     Grade: B

A Little Help                       Grade: B

Our Idiot Brother             Grade: B

Winnie the Pooh                Grade: B for kids under 8, but D for adults

Trollhunter                          Grade: B

The Change-Up                   Grade: B-

Tracker                                Grade: B-

Cowboys and Aliens          Grade: B-

Spy Kids 4D: All the Time in the World    Grade: B-

30 Minutes or Less            Grade: C+

Another Earth                   Grade: C+

Horrible Bosses                 Grade: C+

Ironclad                             Grade: C+

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy    Grade: C+

Apollo 18                          Grade: C+

Brighton Rock                  Grade: C+

Drive                                 Grade: C

Page One: Inside the New York Times     Grade: C

Salvation Boulevard         Grade: C

Captain America: The First Avenger    Grade: C-

Fright Night                      Grade: C-

Don't be Afraid of the Dark      Grade: C-

Killer Elite                         Grade: C-

Warrior                             Grade: C-

Colombiana                      Grade: D

Larry Crowne                    Grade: D

The Zookeeper                  Grade: D

Seven Days in Utopia        Grade: D

Bellflower                          Grade: D

Final Destination 5            Grade: D-

5 Days of War                    Grade: D-

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