Friday, September 30, 2011


Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a guy who seems to have it all:  A beautiful girlfriend played by Bryce Dallas Howard, a close friend played by Seth Rogen, and a caring mom played by Angelica Huston.  But when he learns that the pain he's been experienceing in his back is something serious, his whole life begins to crumble.

There's nothing that different or interesting about the storyline itself, but this is a really good film.  For one thing, they nailed the tone, walking the line between drama and comedy.  And the cast really raises the bar, with honest performances across the board.  Levitt keeps it pretty low key, generously allowing those around him to shine (kind of like Mark Wahlberg did in 'The Fighter'.)  Seth Rogen is easily the best and funniest part of the film, louder and more crass than ever.  Anna Kendrick ('Up in the Air') also shines as Levitt's caring therapist.  And there are two great supporting roles played just right by character actors Philip Baker Hall and Matt Frewer as fellow patients.  The talent involved makes this one an easy recommendation for this weekend.

Grade: A-

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  1. This was definitely on my list to see and now it's gone way up. Really big fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.