Friday, September 2, 2011

Seven Days in Utopia

Lucas Black plays a golf pro who's hit upon hard times with his game.  And then fate runs its course and he ends up getting in an accident and stranded in a small town in Texas, all-too-conveniently named Utopia.  There he meets a young, attractive girl and an old golf sage, played by Robert Duvall.  Need I even tell you he spends seven days there and it changes his life and his game?

This film certainly had some promise.  Robert Duvall is one of the greatest living actors.  He's always a joy to watch, especially now that he almost exclusively takes on roles that feel close to home for him as a cowboy at heart.  And the great Melissa Leo pops up as his sister in law in an inexplicably small and pointless role.  They're both just way too good for the material here.  This is a Hallmark Channel type made-for-television mash up of 'Tin Cup', 'Doc Hollywood', and 'The Karate Kid'.  And unfortunately it doesn't hold a candle to any of them.  It's rated G, and yet it's not the kind of material that kids would enjoy.  So who the heck is it for?  And the ending is downright laughable.  To put it in more appropriate terms, the drive had potential, but this one didn't land anywhere close to the green.

Grade: D

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