Friday, October 21, 2011

Take Shelter

Michael Shannon ('Reservation Road', 'Boardwalk Empire') stars as a man plagued by bad dreams about an apocalyptic storm coming.  As the dreams progress he becomes increasingly obsessed with building a shelter for his wife, played by Jessica Chastain, and daughter.

This slow burn drama with elements of suspense and horror about one man's descent into madness is all about atmosphere and performance.  Don't go see this one for action or even story.  Go see it because Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain are utterly engaging.  These two rising stars give unbelievable performances, and combined with the understated haunting score, you can't help but feel as uncomfortable as they are.  Its slow pace may turn some off, but if you're ok with that it's very powerful and sticks with you afterward.  And while the film probably won't score a Best Picture nomination, the cast just may.

Grade: A

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