Friday, October 7, 2011

The Way

This is the very first movie I blogged about over a year ago after I saw at it the Toronto Film Festival.  It was surprisingly my favorite at the festival last year.  And it's finally being released today.  I haven't had a chance to revisit it to see if I liked it as much, but here were my thoughts last year:

Emilio Estevez directed and also plays a small role as a wandering soul with an adventurous spirit who opts to walk El Camino (The Way, translated in English), a long trail in Spain that takes months to walk, but due to a mysterious storm, he dies on day one.  Martin Sheen stars as his dad, who is devastated by the loss and decides to walk El Camino in his son's honor.  Sheen's journey is both emotional and spiritual as he meets others along the way with issues of their own.

In the wrong hands this could have easily been corny and felt like a made-for-TV movie.  But Estevez and Sheen hit all the notes right and for me it worked tremendously.  And, given the subject matter, it's not overwhelmingly depressing, but rather life affirming.  For those of you who aren't into the 'Grieving Parent Mourns Child' genre, you may opt to skip this one.  But if you appreciate the genre, then I highly recommend it.

Grade: A+

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