Friday, November 11, 2011

Jack and Jill

Adam Sandler is up to his regular shenanigans again, but this time you get twice the stupidity for your hard earned dollars because he plays brother and sister twins!  Now I ask you, is there any possible way a movie with that premise couldn't suck?  And an even better question is, what compromising photos does Sandler have of Columbia Pictures executives to make them greenlight this obvious disaster?

Well, here's the premise:  Adam Sandler plays Jack, a successful commercial director who has it all, including a beautiful wife, played by Katie Holmes, two precocious kids, and an amazing home.  But he has two problems.  One is his annoying and clingy twin sister, Jill.  And the other is that his biggest client, Dunkin Donuts, wants him to get Al Pacino to appear in their commercial.  Well, fortunately for Jack, Pacino takes a liking to his sister, and then zany comedy ensues.  Or it least a few fart jokes.  And, to paraphrase a line from Sandler's 'Billy Madison', we are all dumber having seen this film.

Ever since the brilliant talk show spoof, 'The Larry Sanders Show', it has been a rite of passage for actors to play themselves in an unfavorable light.  A shining example of this is Neil Patrick Harris in the 'Harold & Kumar' films.  Pure brilliance.  But somebody really needs to advise Mr. Pacino about picking and choosing his moments.  This was not the right one for him.  I could actually see his legacy fade as I watched him fawn over Sandler in lipstick and a dress, and a single tear rolled down my cheek.  But back to the man responsible for this insult to our intelligence.  When 'Zookeeper', which was produced by Sandler, was released earlier this year I made a new rule that Kevin James must stop starring in films, and Sandler must stop enabling him by producing them, and preferably stop starring in them himself.  I stand by that rule, but I now amend it to also include Al Pacino.   HOOOO-AAAHHH!

Grade: D


  1. "...plays brother and sister twins! Now I ask you, is there any possible way a movie with that premise couldn't suck?"

    Challenge accepted!

    Let's see, how about a Guillermo del Toro helmed adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Slapstick, with Ron Perlman in both roles. Not quite right.

    Irreversible Adaptation: A Charlie Kaufman-Gaspar Noe co-production. In the roles of a lifetime Giovanna Mezzogiorni plays Guilia, and through the wonders of CGI, Carlo, her own malformed twin brother who has been grafted to her body by German scientists/orchid thieves. Finally a Human Centipede that's more for the art-house than the grind-house. Getting there...

    Set in 1890s Mississippi, Michelle Williams stars as Mabel and her own simpleton twin brother Matthew. On the surface a story about a missing foal; this sparse, ruminative, 56-minute drama, is an easy allegory for Obama era discontentment and economic hardship. Kelly Reichardt's The Horse That Went Away (To the Other Side). I'd see it.

  2. I was going to comment about how awesome old Adam Sandler was and how un-awesome new Adam Sandler is, but CK stole the comments section here.

  3. CK - looks like you've done your homework! Whoa indeed. Bri - HOOOO-AAAHHH! Loved it.