Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Muppets

It seems like the perfect idea.  After 12 years of muppet-free films, it feels like the appropriate time for a reboot.  After all, there's a whole generation of kids who might otherwise grew up muppet-less. (Sure, there have been some TV movies and specials, but no feature films since 'Muppets in Space' in 1999).   And who better to write and star than Jason Segal whose film writing debut 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' featured an instant classic Dracula puppet show?  Segal is admittedly a lifelong puppet fanatic, and after years of pursuing this project he finally got what he wanted.  So did it all come together as great as we all hoped?  Unfortunately I don't think so.

Jason Segal plays Gary, a man torn between spending time with his girlfriend Mary, played by Amy Adams, and his brother Walter, a muppet.  When Gary and Mary head to L.A. on an anniversary trip, Walter tags along to pursue his dream of visiting the Muppet studios.  Once there they end up helping the muppets reunite in order to save the studio from an evil corporate suit played by Chris Cooper.

Unfortunately while the premise of getting the proverbial band back together is a decent one, the execution is flawed.  The writing is kind of weak, the songs are somewhat forgettable, and new muppet Walter lacks the unique traits of the classic characters.  As usual the celebrity cameos, which are consistently the best part of any muppet movie, are fun but they don't make this film a must see.  Yet it's still light entertainment and it's hard to come down too hard on the muppets.

Grade: B-

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  1. Awww... loved the Muppets! Need to get Cameron and Sabrina to enjoy the older ones... we've been remiss. They are kind of growing up muppet-less, as you mentioned. Though they do enjoy the Hollywood Studios Muppets 3D... but rarely do we see it. :(