Friday, November 4, 2011

Tower Heist

Ben Stiller heads an all-star cast in this action comedy heist film.  As usual I won't give away any spoilers but I'll give you a flavor of what you're in for. Stiller plays a building manager for a posh, elite condo in New York City.  But when trouble comes into paradise with a few of the owners, he has to take matters into his own hands.  The rest of the ensemble includes Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck, Tea Leoni, Alan Alda, and Eddie Murphy (in a throwback to his character from 'Trading Places' perhaps mixed with a dash of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm's J.B. Smoove.)

Let's be clear.  This is an amazing ensemble, and it's great to see this unlikely group of leading men all come together in one film, but this is no 'Ocean's 11' (or even '12' or '13'.)  It's not that slick.  It's more in the vein of an 80's or 90's action comedy like 'Quick Change'.  And that can surely be fun, even though it's a bit silly and completely unbelievable.  And that's exactly what this is:  fun, silly, and unbelievable.  But since we don't have an 'Oceans' film to look forward to anymore (and that saddens me) I'll take what I can get.

Grade: B


  1. Quick Change, one of the most underrated Bill Murray movies. Just looked at his IMDB and he released, Ghostbusters 2, What About Bob, Quick Change and Groundhog Day (my favorite movie ever) consecutively. Is that the best 4 movie stretch for a comic actor? I haven't seen Ghostbusters 2 in a long time, so it might be terrible, but still.

  2. Those four are great. And I'm going to extend your observation to include 'Scrooged' and 'Mad Dog and Glory' making it 6 fantastic movies over 6 years. That's an impressive run. Sadly the 10 years that followed were mainly disappointments. But enough about Bill Murray, since he's not even in this movie.

  3. This movie is a solid B for me as well, likable cast. I look forward to seeing Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars, hope he does well.

  4. You couldn't pay me enough to watch the remade Oceans 11 etc... as I personally cannot stand the self-aggrandizing low-lifes starring in those films. But this film I'll gladly see. Eddie Murphy? Alan Alda? Ben Stiller? Matthew Broderick? Love it already.