Friday, November 18, 2011

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Alrighty, Twihards, here it is:  the beginning of the end.  It's time to finally see the long awaited wedding of your beloved Bella and Edward.  And yes, you get to see Taylor Lautner's legendary abs one more time, yet (thankfully) only for a few moments at the beginning.  And the drama, oh the drama, continues unabashedly.

OK, so I did my homework and got caught up on the first three prior to seeing this first part of the fourth and final book.  And I must admit, I don't get what all the fuss is about.  (Although admittedly I'm not a teenage girl so I'm clearly not the target demographic.)  Yet I enjoy a good romance as much as the next guy, but there really isn't one here.  There just isn't a well developed attraction between anyone.  There's only a nauseatingly superficial love triangle.  And to say the cast is weak is an understatement.  It just seems like they cast based upon who has the nicest hair, rather than who can actually act.  And there also isn't really an epic storyline of good vs. evil like you get in the far superior Harry Potter series, although I see traces of something coming.  So the first three managed to come in below my already lowered expectations.  However I did at least see an improving trend, with the third film being the only one with a semblance of a story arc.

But now after seeing the fourth I've finally figured out how to view these movies.  Of course they don't hold up against other great series like the aforementioned Potter, but the main problem is they just don't belong on the big screen.  It's more like watching a tween vampire show on the WB or CW network.  If you saw these films on your couch as two one-hour episodes each you'd find them passably entertaining.  And that's what this fourth installment was for me:  passably entertaining.  But who cares what I think?  The female dominated audience cheered and had a good time.  This one's critic-proof and will surely dominate at the box office this weekend.

Grade: C


  1. So Bri, I have been drowning in a veritable sea of work and projects (I oughtn't complain... better work than none), and have not come up for air in weeks... nay, months. Needless to say I have missed you - and have MISSED Flieder on Film. So I popped onto your blog as a mode of stress relief just now, and instantly came to this review (having seen the movie with my mom and sis in a fairly empty theater last week... note: Black Friday is a good day for a matinee movie). I've been dying to find out what you think of Breaking Dawn. I have to say, your review once again was brilliantly written. And way to go for doing your homework and see the 3 (painful) prior films. Yes, Eclipse was the strongest in my mind, too. One thing I should say though - the Twilight books (all 4) - were spell-binding. The movies, by comparison, really suck. Be that as it may, I am now an ardent admirer of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. I think the characters in the books were so well written and loveable... it's hard not to like the actors who plays those roles. Kristen Stewart looks a fair bit like Bella, but projects much less affection and warmth than in the books, where she is positively endearing. So she falls flat in a big way. Oh, and in my humble opinion, the target demographic is no longer teen girls... it's officially FEMALES OF ANY AGE. Seriously. The sappy romance of it all just sucks us all in. LOL Hey, what did you think of the end credits with the bold red, and the Volturi appearing? And how'd you like the use of music from the first movie in this one... and the fact that they brought back Carter Burwell for the score? To me, that was a pleasant surprise. I have to say Desplat's score for New Moon was enchanting.
    Oh, and if you were to ever read the books, you'd find out that the movies are a complete and utter bastardization of Stephenie Meyer's story... they mish-mash everything in a horrible way in every film. Breaking Dawn was no exception... none of the wolf-vampire fight scenes even HAPPENED in the book. Lots of scenes were complete malarkey. On well.
    Alas, I digress. Mostly I just wanted to say I have dearly missed your blog and will need to hop on here again for a joy break.
    You remain my favorite movie critic... the most educated and eloquent one, too.