Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin

Despite not being a big fan of animation, with names like Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson attached to this one I couldn't help but be optimistic.  And I became even more excited once it began.  The animation is unbelievable.  They've truly reached the point where it's hard to distinguish from live action.  And the Indiana Jones-type adventure story about a search for scrolls that will lead to treasure is intriguing.  But unfortunately the movie is missing that 'je ne seis quoi' that makes Indiana Jones so special.  It just doesn't really have any memorable scenes or characters.  And even though it's only 107 minutes, it felt long with one lengthy action sequence after another.  Yet visually it's stunning, and that alone makes it worthwhile for families and even adults without kids to see on the big screen.  But just barely.

Grade: B-

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