Friday, December 9, 2011

The Sitter

Will somebody please kill me?  Please, I'm begging you.  I just can't take devoting another entire evening around a movie like this anymore.  At only 81 minutes it still felt like a lifetime!

Never have I seen an actor fall from grace as hard and fast as Jonah Hill since his superb performance in 'Moneyball'.  There he showed a gift for deadpan comic timing mixed with actual acting opposite heavyweight Brad Pitt.  Here, he's just back to the same old stupid, all-crass, no-class shenanigans of which we knew him from his earlier work.  He plays a spoiled brat coerced into babysitting three bigger, more annoying spoiled brats.  (And while I'm currently pondering the best child performances of the year, I assure you these three will not be in the running.)  Of course Hill ends up taking the kids on a road trip, in the off-limits borrowed car, in search of cocaine for his terrible girlfriend.  What could possibly go wrong, right?  It's predictable, cliche, unfunny, and just painful.  Oh, and let's not leave director David Gordon Green out of my rant.  Mr. Green's recent resume includes such other fine works as 'Your Highness', 'Eastbound and Down', and 'Pineapple Express'.  He is officially on my 'directors to avoid if at all possible' list.  My only question is, what is Sam Rockwell doing in this movie?  He's too good to be a part of this trash.  (See 'Moon' if you don't agree.)

Grade: D-

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