Friday, December 16, 2011

Young Adult

Charlize Theron stars as an unknown ghost writer of a popular book series for young adults.  But in many ways it is she who is the young adult.  She lives in downtown Minneapolis, drinks too much, and has no one to share her life with.  So when she receives news that her married ex, played by Patrick Wilson, just had a baby, she waxes nostalgic and decides to return to her hometown to try to reunite with him.

I have mixed feelings about the film.  My expectations were really high, as director Jason Reitman has had one of the best track records to date: 'Thank You for Smoking', 'Juno', and 'Up in the Air'.  And this one reunites Reitman with writer Diablo Cody who wrote 'Juno'.  So without knowing anything more, this was one of my most anticipated films of the year's end.  But as much as I liked it, it didn't live up to expectations.  On the plus side, Theron gives a pretty fearless performance as a pathetic prom queen who peaked in high school, and Patton Oswalt does a great job of adding some much needed comedy to this tragic dramedy as a crippled misfit from Theron's grade school days.  And there are definitely passages of great dialogue and a few moments of poignancy.  Yet, a lot of the film is cliched, so I don't think it reaches its potential as a must see film.

Grade: B


  1. As much as I did not like Juno, I'm still excited for this.

    Also, no mention of Patton Oswalt being Lee Harvey Oswald's nephew? Poor journalism.

    1. This was much better than Juno, none of that dumb jive teen talk (or whatever happened in Juno). I liked that Charlize's character was, if anything, worse at the end of the movie. The Young Adult narration was a little on point, but whatever. I'd give this a B.