Monday, January 16, 2012


Mark Wahlberg heads up this action crime drama about a former smuggler gone straight who needs to return to his old ways one more time to help his wife's brother pay off a debt to a crazy drug dealer.  Now, when you hear a general synopsis like that doesn't it just sound like every late night cable or straight to video B-movie ever made?  Considering that, the cast here is better than you expect giving this one a fighting chance of being something special.  Unfortunately it really isn't.  Even the stunningly beautiful Kate Beckinsale, and a top notch, fun supporting cast of character actors including Giovanni Ribisi, Ben Foster, and J.K. Simmons doesn't raise the bar enough to make this one worth your time.  I can't quite figure why they all signed on.  (Ribisi sure seems to have cornered the market on sleazy, greasy, psychopaths though.  I'd sure love to see a glimpse into his real life story.  Or perhaps I wouldn't.) 

For better, recent, lesser known films featuring Ribisi, Foster, or Simmons, check out 'Middle Men', 'The Messenger', or 'The Music Never Stopped', respectively.

Grade: C+

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