Friday, January 27, 2012

The Grey

These days, every movie poster for the latest Liam Neeson action vehicle looks pretty much interchangeable.  Whether it be 'Taken', 'Unknown', or now 'The Grey', you pretty much know what you're gonna get.  This time out, though, rather than having the conflict be man vs. man (or man vs. many men, as was the case in 'Taken'), here it's all man vs. nature. 

After a plane crash, seven tough guy survivors must battle the punishing cold of Alaska, and a pack of bloodthirsty wolves.  Call it 'Frozen' (about a group of kids stranded on a ski lift overnight who had to tangle with the same perils) meets 'The Edge' (where Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins had to survive both the wilderness and a relentless bear.)  Just don't expect anything unexpected and you'll probably enjoy yourself.  It's not as good as 'The Edge', but Neeson is an engaging leading man, even when what he's leading is a group of forgettable supporting actors who you just know are gonna succumb to nature one by one.  (And if that's a spoiler, then you really need to see more movies.)

Grade: B

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  1. The wolves had better screen presence than some of the supporting cast, haha, C+