Saturday, February 4, 2012


These days it's refreshing when the latest documentary-style narrative film starring a cast of unknowns (in order to make it seem realistic) isn't a terrible horror film.  (If you saw 'The Devil Inside', you'll feel me on that sentiment.)  This one's about a group of kids who stumble across a mysterious hole in the ground and happen upon an alien object.  Suddenly they have the power of telekinesis (which, for those of you non-comic book geeks, is the ability to move things with your mind.)  Now there's nothing revolutionary about that plotline, of course, so it really just depends what you do with it.  And this movie does a pretty good job with it, starting slowly, but eventually building to a pretty exciting climax.  The cast is unmemorable for sure, but the running time is short, and the third act makes it worth seeing, particularly for the comic book geek in you who'll appreciate 'Unbreakable' meets 'Cloverfield'.

Grade: B+

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  1. Love the sound of this one based on your trusty review, Bri!
    Hoping the music is also good (as was the music in 'Unbreakable'... remember that night of Balderdash for cash, in which I was music supervisor, and I piped in that score to add to the intensity of the game? I loved that you were stumped as to what the music was from... what a great memory).