Friday, February 10, 2012

Safe House

Ryan Reynolds plays a low level CIA employee, assigned to a safe house in South Africa where wanted enemies of the U.S. are brought and 'interrogated'.  Denzel Washington plays the captive, who's also the target of an unknown assassin.

This isn't a must see film or even a particularly memorable one, but it's action packed, and Washington and Reynolds are both very watchable actors, so even when the material isn't that compelling, it's still pretty entertaining.  The film is dark and gritty and the action sequences are intense and brutal.  And from a technical standpoint, the sound effects are so intense I was pretty convinced I actually got shot a few times during the movie.  And in Philadelphia, the chances of that happening are not insignificant.  (Don't worry, I made it out ok.)  So this one gets a mild recommendation if you're a fan of the cast or the genre.

Grade: B-


  1. I'm a fan of both Denzel and Ryan! I think I'll watch it for the action and the acting.

  2. Thank God you weren't shot Lincoln-style in a theater in West Philadelphia, Bri! Horrible to think about... gives me the chills. Such sound effects!