Friday, February 10, 2012

The Vow

Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum play a married couple very much in love.  But their love is put to the test after a car accident leaves McAdams with no memory of their relationship.

Now let me begin by admitting that, as a guy, I can still appreciate a good chick flick.  And when it's done right, the 'falling in love/falling out of love/not remembering love' genre can be really powerful, with 'Blue Valentine' and 'The Notebook' being two great examples.  Now, this movie is not as good as either of those, or even as good as 'One Day' or 'Like Crazy'.  (And Channing Tatum is certainly no Ryan Gosling.)  It just doesn't hit the emotional mark like those other films.  You won't cry your eyes out at its lows and you won't feel elated at its highs.  But the film has its moments and is a fairly easy watch with a good cast (Tatum, notwithstanding) including Sam Neill, Jessica Lange, and Scott Speedman.  It's not a bad date movie for this weekend or Valentine's Day but, ladies, keep your expectations in check.

Grade: B-

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  1. I'll have you no I have organized a viewing of this with some friends next week. We're super excited. I'm glad you didn't murder this in your review as I'm not expecting it to be all that great. There's hope!