Friday, March 30, 2012


Sean William Scott (best known as Stifler from the 'American Pie' series) plays the proverbial ugly duckling in an educated Jewish family of doctors.  He doesn't have the same intellect and hasn't ever fit in anywhere.  Instead, his talent is his unmatched ability to fight.  And when a professional Hockey team takes notice and hires him as a 'goon' who earns his paycheck by fighting, he finally finds his niche.

I have to admit halfway through this film I had dismissed it as straight-to-DVD fare and didn't expect it to arrive in theatrical distribution.  But the second half won me over.  Liev Schreiber, playing a seasoned goon on another team, really takes the film to a new level and adds a bit of depth to it.  And by the end you really care about Scott's character and get sucked into the inevitable final scene you know is coming.  This isn't 'Rocky', but it's much more enjoyable than last year's 'Rocky' wannabe, 'Warrior', that some foolishly took as seriously as it took itself.  (I still can't believe Nick Nolte got an Oscar nomination for it.)

Grade: B

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