Sunday, April 1, 2012

2012 First Quarter

The first quarter of 2012 is now over so it's a good time to reflect back over the highs and lows of the last 13 weeks.  Generally the first quarter is the worst quarter, with the spillover of releases that the studios didn't think were worthy to push the release date to the prior year for awards purposes.  And, as I expected, there really weren't many must see films.  'The Hunger Games' is probably the only one I would put in that category.  But there were more good movies than I expected.  And after some thought, I've decided to give my 1Q12 award to a small movie that premiered on Video on Demand called 'Perfect Sense'.  It isn't for the mainstream audience, and many may find it dull, but for me it made the strongest impact, particularly over the days and weeks that followed.  And without doubt the award for worst movie goes to 'Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie'.  That's a no-brainer.  So what are your thoughts?

Perfect Sense                      Grade: A-

The Hunger Games             Grade: A-

Jeff who Lives at Home        Grade: A-

Thin Ice                               Grade: A-

Game Change  (HBO)         Grade: A-

Project X                            Grade: A-

This Means War                 Grade: A-

Kill List                               Grade: B+

Seeking Justice                  Grade: B+

Wanderlust                        Grade: B+

Man on a Ledge                Grade: B+

Friends with Kids             Grade: B+

Chronicle                           Grade: B+

Intruders                           Grade: B+

The Grey                           Grade: B

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island     Grade: B

Big MIracle                        Grade: B

Goon                                 Grade: B

The Lorax                            Grade: B

Detachment                       Grade: B

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen      Grade: B-

The Innkeepers                   Grade: B-

Being Flynn                         Grade: B-

Safe House                          Grade: B-

The Vow                              Grade: B-

21 Jump Street                  Grade: C+

Contraband                       Grade: C+

The Woman in Black        Grade: C

Haywire                             Grade: C-

Wrath of the Titans          Grade: C-

Mirror Mirror                    Grade: C-

Casa de mi Padre              Grade: C-

Underworld: Awakening     Grade: D+

The Devil Inside                Grade: D+

Red Tails                            Grade: D+

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance    Grade: D

John Carter                        Frade: D

Act of Valor                       Grade: D

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie      Grade: F

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  1. Top 5 for me -- Undefeated, Jeff Who Lives at Home, Goon, Intruders, and Safe House. ( yes, Undefeated won the Oscar for 2011 but it was not released until Feb. 2012 ),