Friday, April 13, 2012

In Theaters Now

Looking to head to the theater this weekend, but don't know what to see?  Here are my grades at a glance:

(Newest releases are in green)

The Cabin in the Woods    Grade: A+

Titanic                                 Grade: A

The Artist                            Grade: A

The Hunger Games             Grade: A-

Jeff who Lives at Home        Grade: A-

Comic-Con Episode 4: A Fan's Hope      Grade: A-

American Reunion            Grade: B+

The Hunter                        Grade: B+

Friends with Kids             Grade: B+

Chronicle                           Grade: B+

The Salt of Life                   Grade: B

The Lorax                            Grade: B

Lockout                               Grade: B

Bully                                    Grade: B

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen      Grade: B-

Safe House                          Grade: B-

21 Jump Street                  Grade: C+

The Lady                            Grade: C

Wrath of the Titans          Grade: C-

Mirror Mirror                    Grade: C-

Albert Nobbs                    Grade: C-

John Carter                        Grade: D

Act of Valor                       Grade: D

The Three Stooges            Grade: D-

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  1. A few others out now: The Raid: Redemption - B, The Kid with a Bike - C+, and The Deep Blue Sea - D+