Friday, May 18, 2012

The Dictator

If I were asked to list two movie stars whose movies I least look forward to seeing, I'd probably go with Adam Sandler and Sacha Baron Cohen.  But since they've become virtually indistinguishable, I suggest we just call them Sacha Badam Sandler.  And that's a two-for-one I just can't handle.

This time, TAFKAB (The Asshole Formerly Known As Borat) is a total 'dic'tator.  And, as you'd expect, there are seemingly endless jokes about murder, rape, and torture.  And what's more funny that that, right?  Wrong.  This movie is painfully unfunny and painfully predictable from start to finish.  Its best redeeming quality is its 83 minute run time.  And its biggest mystery is why it features Sir Ben Kingsley.  (WTF, Sir Ben, WTF?)  If you're not offended by the material, you should be offended by the insult to your intelligence.  I'm offended by both.

Grade: F

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