Friday, May 25, 2012

Men in Black III

Digging up a franchise that's been dormant for over a decade is generally a bad idea.  Though occasionally it works.  If a script arises that not only warrants but seemingly requires the continuation of the storyline, then it totally makes sense.  Or perhaps it's time to pass the baton to a new generation of successors in a reboot (e.g. Star Trek, Scream 4, or X-Men: First Class).  This, however, is neither.  It's a perfect example of a sequel that needn't have been made and intends only to draw you in with a few recognizable faces in dark suits and sunglasses.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back together again after ten years as the Men in Black, a secret government organization that deals with extraterrestrials living under cover here on Earth.  And this time Smith must go back in time to meet up with a young Jones, played by Josh Brolin, to change the future.  And trust me when I say Marty McFly did it much better.  There isn't much to like here and this clearly isn't a story that needed to be told.  While the first two films were fun, in large part due to the quirkiness of director Barry Sonnenfeld, this one falls as flat as the pointless 3D.  It's boring, and the once omnipresent charisma of Smith and Jones (whose names ironically sound like fake government agents even in reality) no longer exists.  They just seem like two bored actors going through the motions.

Grade: C-


  1. Ouch! I was actually looking forward to seeing this one because the trailer looked funny. Maybe I'll just wait for the dvd instead. Thanks!

  2. I disagree. While not as good as the first this blew 2 away. Although 3 starts slowly it picks up steam after the jump and becomes quite surreal.

    I would give this movie a solid B.