Friday, June 22, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

What if one of our most well known Presidents wasn't as well known as we all thought?  What if he actually hunted vampires?!?  Cool concept.  And there are certainly some things to like about this movie.  Benjamin Walker certainly looks the part of Lincoln (perhaps crossed with more than a little Liam Neeson).  And the relatively unknown supporting cast fits appropriately.  Plus the film ties in nicely with a lot of American history, as we vaguely recall it from grade school.  And it certainly has an interesting visual style.  Yet a lot of the time I was struggling to stay interested.  Sometimes you need more than a cool concept and interesting visual style.  You need memorable moments.  And I didn't get one here.  Sadly, we can throw this one in the pile with 'Woman in Black' and 'The Raven', as somewhat disappointing gothic period films with loads of atmosphere that didn't quite hit the mark.  But at least it's the best of the three.

Grade: C+

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  1. I've read the book. It was both awesome and really boring at the same time. I'm curious to see if the film is true to the book, if so, I'm pretty sure it won't be that great.