Friday, June 15, 2012

Lola Versus


Greta Gerwig has certainly found her niche.  As Lola she plays an ultra hip, ultra cool, yet ultra confused 29 year old living in New York and dealing with love, heartbreak, and strained friendship.  And although she's hardly a household name, those that are familiar with her work would probably agree that Lola seems so Greta.

This movie belongs in a time capsule.  It captures exactly what it's like to be 29 and ultra hip, ultra cool, and ultra confused in New York in 2012.  (Or so it seems to me.)  And while I find that particular subculture a turnoff and somewhat annoying at times, there's no question that it's also very engaging, witty, and at times even charming.  For several of the cast, these are probably the roles of their careers, including Gerwig, and ultra hip, ultra cool friends Hamish Linklater and Zoe Lister Jones.  (Even their names are ultra hip and ultra cool, aren't they?)  They're all absolutely perfect in their respective roles, and yet any more of them past the short 87 minute runtime would be too much of them.  And of course the movie goes a bit too far with Lola's ultra hip and ultra cool parents, played by Debra Winger and Bill Pullman.  (Does anyone have or know of a father who would actually encourage his daughter to sleep around more and experience life?  Let's save that nonsense for 90210 or teen shows on the CW, shall we?)  But my criticisms aside, this is a good movie and will charm and entertain all but those who are jaded and cranky.  (Remind you of anyone?)  This one's for fans of Gerwig's 'Greenberg', and may even be the 'Reality Bites' of the 2010's.

Grade: B

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