Friday, June 1, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Brace yourself, because a mere nine weeks after the quirky disaster that was 'Mirror Mirror' comes yet another re-imagining of the Disney classic Disney.  Fortunately this one is significantly different, with a much darker tone and fantasy epic appeal.  Unfortunately, while it's much better than 'Mirror Mirror', this is no 'Lord of the Rings'.  It's closer to Ridley Scott's 'Robin Hood'.

We all know the basic storyline:  Evil queen stepmother is jealous of beautiful fair-skinned step child.  And of course there's the obligatory poison apple, seven dwarves, handsome prince, etc...  By now, all that is more than a tad boring, no matter how you spin it.  So for me, my enjoyment or lack thereof really comes down to the visual style and the cast, respectively.  This film really epitomizes a major problem with Hollywood:  All the new 'hot' actors under 30 have zero charisma.  I'm so tired of the 'Stewart's and 'Hemsworth's from every other major Hollywood release.  And while they're not terrible here, they also don't provide anything memorable.  They're cast purely on looks alone.  Charlize Theron, however, gives everything she has in a fun over-the-top performance and makes this particular queen worthy of a remake, and an ensemble of very talented and almost unrecognizable character actors play the dwarves and add a bit of substance to an otherwise lacking cast.  And I can genuinely compliment the visual style, cinematography, and soundtrack, all of which create a look and feel that hold your attention.  I just wish I could say the same about both Snow White and the Huntsman.

Grade: C+


  1. Not sure why they keep hiring K.Stewart, she rarely brings anything to the table

  2. I saw this the other day ( not by choice ), and I agree with your review. Charlize and the visuals were very good. As much as I enjoy the character actors that played the dwarves, I couldn't help feel bad for the jobs that they took away from dwarf actors.
    There is nothing special about C.Hemsworth but he has been in 2 of the better movies in the past 3 years. Star Trek and Cabin in the Woods, not that he played a major part in their success but just saying