Friday, August 24, 2012

Premium Rush

Not everybody is right for a 9 to 5, suit and tie lifestyle.  Some folks can't be contained in a cubicle.  Some feel the need for speed.  Joseph Gordon Levitt stars as a bike messenger in New York City who risks life and limb every day for a modest salary solely because he loves the rush.  But one particular package he's engaged to deliver across town gets him mixed up with a whole lot of trouble.

It's always refreshing to see something I haven't seen before, and I can't say I've ever seen or thought much about bike messengers.  So this was new ground for me.  While it's a bit cheesy at times, it's also fast paced, (taking place in basically real time), relatively short, and backed by a fun rock soundtrack, all of which help to keep the energy high from start to finish.  And the cast is just right.  You get the strong feeling that Levitt is exactly the kind of guy who might be a bike messenger in real life if he weren't so lucky as to be an actor.  And antagonist Michael Shannon is always fun to watch. You may know him from 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'Revolutionary Road', but if you haven't seen him in 'Take Shelter' you're missing out.  That's essential Shannon.  But he's also pretty good here too.

Grade: B


  1. No respect for Kevin Bacon's iconic turn as bike messenger Jack in Quicksilver? Which seemingly has the exact same plot but with an inexplicable stock trading sub-plot. Quicksilver might be the second most 80s 80s movie, right behind Secret of My Success. It is also terrible.

  2. Ah, Quicksilver! You bested me again, CK. I never actually saw it, but I did used to have the soundtrack by Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks on cassette tape. (I suspect I am the only one who would admit to that.)